A Full Suite of URL's and The Phone Number 1-800 HOUSING


A full set of domain names including 1800housing.com, 800housing.com, 1800housing.net, 1-800-housing.net, and 800housing.net. Also included is the TOP TIER PREMIUM vanity phone number 1-800 HOUSING (1-800-468-7464). For the first time all of these are available as a packaged set for sale! 



With all of these domains you will own the housing web space. You have an advantage over all other websites immediately by your URL already containing the key word housing. And with SEO you could always be at the top of the google search page when anyone searches housing on the web.


The easiest phone number to remember in the entire housing industry! No more complicated phone numbers to remember for your clients, they just need to remember one thing 1-800 HOUSING.